Who am I?

This website isn't active any more, but I keep it alive as a bit of personal history. The contact details are still valid though.

I am a multimedia producer, digital designer, developer and publisher. I'm also a teacher, writer, web-developer and film maker.

My work can be found on in-flight tourism videos, tropical island brochures, educational videos across the world, hundreds of websites and numerous museum and tourism exhibitions. My photography is used on book covers and in history books, on corporate presentations and annual reports, brochures, flyers and multimedia instructional , corporate, political, activist and educational applications and social media.

The digital publishing world truly is all encompassing. So if you’d like to hear how I can help you tell your message contact me here.


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Boxes and boxes of Scintillae 2012

The sound of heavy tyres crunching gravel... A knock at the door... "Where dya want these boxes mate? There's a few of 'em?"

Scintillae 2012 cover and book completed

Scintillae 2012 is an anthology of short stories, poetry and non-fiction to be published coincidentally with the Bendigo Writers Festival.


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