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Scintillae 2012 cover and book completed

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scintillae 2012 has been put together to celebrate the contribution of writers, poets, creative and critical thinkers to the communities of Central and Northern Victoria over the past decade or so.

Many of the writers featured have assisted Bendigo TAFE’s writing program over that period and thus the anthology also stands as a celebration of the often unacknowledged contribution of public arts education to this region.

The publication of Scintillae 2012 has been timed to coincide with the inaugural Bendigo Writers Festival—a historic moment for literature and writing generally in this city.

The cover is a complicated series of graphics overlayed with alchemy symbols from Isaac newton's time combined with the 21st century 'alchemy' of string and particle theory physics.

Scintillae 2012 reference image.






Boxes and boxes of Scintillae 2012

The sound of heavy tyres crunching gravel... A knock at the door... "Where dya want these boxes mate? There's a few of 'em?"

Scintillae 2012 cover and book completed

Scintillae 2012 is an anthology of short stories, poetry and non-fiction to be published coincidentally with the Bendigo Writers Festival.

Bendigo Bank Fun Run

Details about the Bendigo Bank Fun Run 2012 will be posted shortly. But mark Sunday 4 November down in your calendar for 2012's fun run.


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