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Boxes and boxes of Scintillae 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

As the Bendigo Writers Festival draws closer the Scintillae 2012 team waited a little nervously for the finished books to arrive from Griffin Press. It’s hard to visual the finished product from an unbound printers proof or, even worse, a digital file on screen.

The truck driver began to fill my office with large heavy cartons and I began to worry the order had been misread – there seemed to be a lot of boxes for the number of books requested.

The delivery docket was signed and as the truck’s door slammed the first carton was carefully sliced open.

There jammed together like bright blue rectangular peas in a pod… No, nothing like peas.

There, like bright blue books in a carton… Boring but accurate  :0)

Anyway, out came a copy. It’s weighty, it’s thick and it smells of ink. Ahhh lovely.

See you at the launch – The Capital Theatre, Saturday 11 August at 5pm.

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Boxes and boxes of Scintillae 2012

The sound of heavy tyres crunching gravel... A knock at the door... "Where dya want these boxes mate? There's a few of 'em?"

Scintillae 2012 cover and book completed

Scintillae 2012 is an anthology of short stories, poetry and non-fiction to be published coincidentally with the Bendigo Writers Festival.

Bendigo Bank Fun Run

Details about the Bendigo Bank Fun Run 2012 will be posted shortly. But mark Sunday 4 November down in your calendar for 2012's fun run.


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